David Adjaye's red library and events complex in Florida wins approval

British architect David Adjaye's plans to create a "micro village" of red cultural buildings in Florida's Winter Park have been granted planning permission.

Adjaye Associates won approval for the $30 million (£22.7 million) project from the Winter Park City Commission earlier this week.

The Winter Park Public Library ...read more

How to Use “Structured Procrastination” to Get the Best Out of Your Bad Habits

© Andrea Vasquez

In a hilarious TED talk by world-famous blogger Tim Urban, the procrastinating brain is explained using three squiggly characters: Rational Decision Maker, Instant Gratification Monkey, and Panic Monster. For most of us who procrastinate without fail, ...read more

Herzog de Meuron's Jenga-like 56 Leonard skyscraper photographed by Hufton + Crow

56 Leonard Street by Herzog & de Meuron

The stacked-blocked form of Herzog & de Meuron's residential tower in Tribeca, New York, is shown in these images by photographers Hufton + Crow.

The Swiss architecture firm's 60-storey skyscraper at 56 Leonard Street towers over the comparatively low-rise neighbourhood.

56 Leonard Street by Herzog & de Meuron

Hufton + Crow's photos present the building as complete from the outside, after Instagram users showed it with external elevator scaffolding in June 2016.

56 Leonard Street by Herzog & de Meuron

The tower comprises a series of cuboid volumes that become increasingly offset from one another towards the top, drawing comparisons with the wooden blocks used in a game of Jenga.

56 Leonard Street by Herzog & de Meuron

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls are sandwiched between concrete floor slabs, which in some places extend out to form balconies.

56 Leonard Street by Herzog & de Meuron

The building houses 145 residences, as well as amenities including an indoor/outdoor theatre, a 75-foot (23-metre) swimming pool, a fitness suite and a conference centre.

56 Leonard Street by Herzog & de Meuron

The tower is topped with 10 penthouses, each with a different layout and featuring up to 200 feet (61 metres) of continuous glazing. At ground level, one corner ...read more

Millénaire Footbridge / Explorations Architecture

© Michel Denancé

Texcoco House / Dosa Studio

© Marcos Betanzos
  • Architects: Dosa Studio
  • Location: Texcoco, Mexico
  • Architect In Charge: Sergio Sousa, Raúl Medina, Abraham Servin
  • Area: 240.0 m2
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BLACK BOX II / Natalie Dionne Architecture

© Raphaël Thibodeau

Bill Gates plans smart city in Arizona desert

Tech billionaire Bill Gates has invested in a huge patch of land west of Phoenix, Arizona, with the intention of building a new smart city.

Mt Lemmon Holdings – an affiliate of Gates' firm Cascade Investment – has paid $80,000 for a stake in almost 25,000 acres of unpopulated ...read more

cepezed_Temporary Courthouse Amsterdam

Amsterdam Temporary Courthouse by Cepezed Architects

Recently the Amsterdam Temporary Courthouse, designed by cepezed architects, was completed and taken into use. Over the coming five years, the larger part of the jurisdiction will take place in the interim-building, while in...

Gros Ventre house by Dynia sits among rugged Wyoming terrain

Wyoming firm Dynia Architects has completed a holiday home in Jackson, nestling its L-shaped form into the region's mountainous landscape. Gros Ventre is a single-family home comprised of two perpendicular wings that form a courtyard....